Support to People with disability

Support to People with disability

About People Living with Disability

People with disabilities are among the most marginalized in many societies including in Kenya. Although the Kenyan Constitution states that all citizens be provided with equal access to services in the country, people with disability have difficulties in enjoying their constitutional rights. Disability constitutes 10% of the population of Kenya. There are different types of disability ranging from physical to hearing impairment, blindness, and mental disability, all of which require different specialization to facilitate their movement and activities in life. Fountain Africa Trust initiated a project in Western Kenya that aims at enhancing the ability of people living with disability to earn a dignified living.

Fountain Africa Trust supports children with Autism Spectrum Disorder through the Austin project.

Case study – Austin Kibeti

Austin W Kibeti was born in July 2010 and was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder in 2013 when he turned 3 years. He attended City Primary School Autism Unit in Nairobi from 2015, up to Integrated Class 2. The Autism Unit is housed in a public primary school for low income families located on the Eastern part of Nairobi. The Unit offers integrated education and therapeutic services to children with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Downs Syndrome and other neurological disorders associated with speech, learning and other life skills.

Unfortunately, the Ministry of Education does not provide extra cash to schools to cater for the special needs of autistic children. The special Unit therefore disintegrated. 

Austin’s parents decided to relocate from Nairobi to Bungoma County. In Bungoma, there are no programs for autistic children, the community is not aware that children with ASD can go to school and acquire skills for them to live a normal life. They are considered either mentally retarded or schizophrenic. 

Fountain Africa Trust has launched Project Austin in Bungoma County, to create awareness, and support autistic children to go to school. The cost of supporting one autistic child in school is US$ 800 (Ksh. 80,000) annually.  Our target is to reach 150 children with the program. 

Please Donate to help Austin and other children with ASD go to school.

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