Community Mobilization

Community Mobilization

Fountain Africa Trust works with communities to support maternal and newborn health projects through a number of channels including:

Radio programs – especially the use of local vernacular radio stations. In Bungoma County, we work with Radio Mambo FM. 

Community Units – we work with Community Health Volunteers and Community Health Extension Workers in all counties. These community-owned resource persons support all our programs including the Community Midwifery program, the newborn support program and the Possible Serious bacterial Infection Program.

Working with local Administration – Chiefs

Fountain Africa Trust works with local administration leaders to support mobilization and enforcement of messages to support newborn survival. This is important because, in some communities, there exist negative cultural practices that endanger women and children at various stages of their development. Cultural practices such as female genital mutilation, the killing of tween firstborn babies, refusal to take babies for vaccination, rejection of family planning services, and refusal to deliver in the hospital are some of the cultures which require the chiefs to intervene in some communities.

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