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Who we are

Fountain Africa Trust is a non-profit organization that provides assistance to vulnerable communities living in Kenya and the Horn of Africa region.  The Trust works with communities to fight poverty, improve livelihood and provides humanitarian assistance to people affected by disasters, epidemics and marginalized populations.  Fountain Africa Trust works with marginalized communities to save lives and reduce the suffering of the poor, people living with disability, orphans and vulnerable children, women and youth and people affected by humanitarian crises.


Our vision is to have empowered communities that are resilient to disasters.


Our Mission is to partner with governments and communities to build their capacity, reduce vulnerability, enhance development and increase preparedness, response and recovery and resilience to disasters.


We are based on the Christian Faith, the Word of God as recorded in the Bible, we extend our love to our neighbour as we love ourselves, and bring good news to a hurting world.

We are committed to the marginalized people in the world, the poor, disabled disaster stricken, those affected by epidemics and social injustice.

What we do

We invest in projects that improve livelihood,  shelter, water and sanitation, business development, education and health services through tailor made innovative solutions to communities to improve their living conditions.